Design Project with Tama Art University Kicked-off

On July 4th, with the aim of addressing major humanitarian issues in the Asia-pacific region from design perspective, the collaborative project with Tama Art University has kicked-off with the attendance of 6 students who volunteered to tackle with the issues under the supervision of Prof. Yumiko Ohashi.

Jun Matsumoto, the Managing Director of ATIH, and Ikue Uchida, the Regional Innovation Coordinator, explained the specific issues and projects that ADRRN members and other NGOs are undertaking. The students asked many questions and some shared ideas of how they intend to approach those issues, showing a strong will to contribute to solving the issues.

Throughout the 6-month project, ATIH will support students by providing necessary guidance and facilitating the communication with NGOs so they understand local context as much as possible, and give feedback on their mid-term and final presentation. If there is promising proposition, ATIH will facilitate further communication with the counterpart NGO to develop a joint project.