This year’s RIF-Asia carried the theme: ‘Paving the Way for Transformative Risk Reduction and Early Action against Hydro-Meteorological Disasters in Asia.’

The specific objectives of RIF-Asia were to:

  1. Highlight progress since the last RIF-Asia including partnership between HIF and ADRRN and specific innovation practices in the region
  2. Share and discuss various ideas, tools, concepts on innovation and how they can be put into practice
  3. Analyze key thematic gaps in tackling hydro-meteorological risks in the region, and discuss possible solutions



In the morning, progress of ADRRN-HIF partnership was reported both from ADRRN and the HIF with several ongoing project examples. The session was followed by the case presentation of the sustainable energy research institute, social enterprise, and academia to gain insight from the initiative of different sector. Then group discussion was facilitated by table based on the participants’ interest, which included flood, drought, typhoon, and conflict (conflict was added according to strong request from the floor).


Among all the points and suggestions shared by rapporters of each table, reaching out to best practice, local-level research and policy making, forecast-based financing mechanism, mobile theater – unconventional mode of engaging with youth and children, and amplifying ADRRN’s collective effort through cross-country research, piloting, and demonstration, were possible solutions to prevent and mitigate damage of disaster and conflict. The report will be shared by the Secretariat of ADRRN soon.


All ideas collected in the table discussion will be added to the list of potential ideas and projects ADRRN Tokyo Innovation Hub has created, and will be developed into workshop case material, and thematic workshop if the participating member organizations wish to explore further.